Current Research

The Itinerant Lives of Painted Books: Mexican Codices and Transatlantic Knowledge in the Early Modern World
A monograph on the production, circulation, collecting, reproduction, and interpretation of Mexican codices (illustrated manuscripts) in Europe and the Spanish Americas ca. 1540–1750, with an emphasis on trans-regional exchange, print, and the role of visual and material culture in knowledge production.

This project was awarded an  ACLS Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellowship at the Huntington Library (2018–2019) and a Getty Research Institute Fellowship for 2013–2014 for its Scholars Program yearly theme on “Connecting Seas: Cultural and Artistic Exchanges.”

The Museum of Difficult Objects
A new collaborative project on the ways in which museums collect, display, and narrate cultures, past and present, with a focus on objects that prove particularly resistant, provocative,  recalcitrant, nonconforming… “difficult.”